Living Donor Forms

The best solution for a patient who needs a kidney transplant is a living donor. Our goal is to find Noah a living donor so he can live a better, healthier life. Willing potential living donors will need to have a compatible blood type and a matching test performed.

Noah’s blood type is A+. Our potential living donor must have an A or O blood type.



  • Shorter waiting time to receive a transplant
  • The less time on dialysis, the better your long term outcomes may be
  • Better transplant results
  • Living donor kidney transplant has a higher success rate (97% vs. 92% one year graft function)
  • Living donor kidney transplants last longer (Median transplant lifespan 8-12 years deceased donor vs. 15-22 years living donor)
  • Longer lifetime benefit from transplant


  • Living Related – parent, child, sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin
  • Living Unrelated – spouse, friend, neighbor, co-worker, Good Samaritan/Anonymous
  • Kidney Paired Donation – What if the donor does not have the same blood type, size and/or age of donor and recipient are different, or if the crossmatch is positive? Donors can still donate for you, but not directly to you through Kidney Paired Donation.


  • Over 18 years old and in good medical health
  • NO high blood pressure, diabetes, history of cancer or other chronic medical problems
  • Donors are evaluated by their Living Donor Team
  • Donors are informed of the risks of kidney donation and can change their mind at any time
  • Life expectancy and quality of life is the SAME as the general population
  • Donor testing, evaluation and surgery is covered by the recipient’s insurance

LIVING DONOR FORMS – Please click each bullet to read.

*All information listed above derived from “Kidney Transplant Education” slide show at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC dated 9/28/2016


CONTACT UPDATE FOR POTENTIAL LIVING DONORS:  We are so grateful to now have a liaison working hard on our behalf to assist us in finding our “Missing Piece” for Noah.  If you believe you may be a potential living donor for Noah, here are the first steps they have laid out to help us accelerate this process:

1. Review the Living Donor Forms listed on this page.  If after a thorough review of these forms, you are interested in furthering the process, it’s time to make contact with our liaison.

2. Call CMC’s Living Donor Office at (704) 355-3602.  The staff will then direct you on the next steps of the process in finding out if you qualify as Noah’s living donor match and what happens next.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to remain anonymous during this process, the Living Donor Office works in full confidentiality and will not disclose any names or information to us, unless you contact us directly.

We are so grateful for your willingness to even consider entering into this process with our liaisons at CMC’s Living Donor Office to help us find Noah’s donor that will certainly change our lives forever.  Having the expertise and knowledge of our liaison guiding us all through this process will help our family learn the many things we need to know as we prep for Noah’s transplant and await the arrival of our second son.

We are completely humbled by this entire experience and greatly appreciate your consideration of being a part of this.